Agile Leadership

Why Agile Leadership Is Important

156 ViewsAgile management came about due to the realization that middle management was holding workers back more than helping them succeed. What is agile leadership? It is a style of leadership that aims to make employees more productive.  The Benefits of Agile Management  Agile management encourages better business results. It does this while wasting less

Agile Leadership In Turbulent Times

214 ViewsIn the 1990s, software developers were getting frustrated. They found that the needs of their clients often changed during the development process. What they thought would be the final product needed to go through time-consuming revisions. In 2001, a group of developers introduced Agile as a way to streamline this process. Why Change Is

Agile Leadership vs Servant Leadership

778 ViewsHow Agile Leadership and Servant Leadership Fit Into Your Organization There are hundreds of ways to manage employees, and you want to choose the right management style for your organization. However, with so many options, deciding on any single approach can be very difficult. Lately, agile team leadership and servant team leadership have become

What are Agile Leadership Principles?

527 ViewsThe idea behind agile leadership comes from the realization that in many cases, managers wind up holding their workers back instead of helping them achieve success. What is agile leadership and how can you bring it into your management style? Here are four agile leadership principles.  1. Use Action Instead of Words Lean agile

Agile Leadership In Transportation

747 ViewsPredictability through improvisation – what project management can learn from jazz. Rob Tieman is the Director of the Project Management Office at the Virginia Department of Transportation. Gerald Leonard is a Strategic PMO Advisor for the government, Juilliard-trained musician, and author of Workplace Jazz. Together with Pete, they explore how insights from jazz have