Wed. May 18th, 2022

Projects Programs and Portfolios

Expert Interview with Rich Maltzman

128 ViewsToday we are speaking with Rich Maltzman, PMP, co-author of several books on Project Management, including the Cleveland Award-winning Green Project Management, and most recently, Bridging the PM Competency Gap, co-written with Loredana Abramo, PMP.  The two co-authors offer assistance in PM competence building via their consultancy Continuous Learning Environment (CLE Advisors). Loredana Abramo,

Expert Interview with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

420 ViewsAntonio Nieto-Rodriguez is the world’s leading champion of project management and strategy implementation. Born in Madrid, Spain, and educated in Germany, Mexico, Italy and the United States, Antonio is an Economists and has an MBA from London Business School, currently pursuing a PhD in Strategy and is fluent in five languages. He is the creator of concepts

Building Project, Program and Portfolio Management Capabilities

419 ViewsIn modern times, organizations must oversee projects within ever more complicated environments, ones that are motivated by regulatory changes and business restructuring. Effective project management professionals are able to realize projects under these challenging conditions. To do so, they must employ successful project management practices. Here’s how to build project, program and portfolio management