Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

165 ViewsIs it possible to teach someone to become a successful entrepreneur? A growing number of academic institutions have developed classes and degree programs in entrepreneurship. At the same time, the number of successful entrepreneurs without an advanced education point to entrepreneurial leadership as an inherent trait. What is an entrepreneur? When most people think about

How Entrepreneurship Contributes To Economic Development 

320 ViewsFive Ways Entrepreneurs Contribute to the Economy  When we talk about entrepreneurs, we often focus on the success stories of certain individuals. We often forget, however, that these entrepreneurs and their businesses contribute to the overall economy of a city, town, or country. In the same way, fostering your entrepreneurial traits can enhance your

Will Entrepreneurship Make You Rich?

451 ViewsThese days, entrepreneurs are more iconic than ever. Before modern times, people primarily looked to great generals, brave warriors, generous saints, and daring philosophers for inspiration. However, in this new era of expanding global commerce, successful innovators and entrepreneurs captivate the average person’s attention more than anyone else.  Intelligent entrepreneurs provide new solutions to

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

750 ViewsThese days, entrepreneurs and self-employed people have become the latest business buzzwords. If you’re not a business owner, how does this talk apply to you? Even if you never plan to start your own business, developing an entrepreneurial spirit can enhance your productivity at work. It can help you develop the leadership skills you need to

How to Develop an Entrepreneurship Spirit?

734 ViewsIt’s common to think that entrepreneurs are born and not made. While it’s true that the most successful entrepreneurs possess certain traits, it’s false to assume that you can’t be successful because you don’t inherently have the exact attributes that you see in others. What makes someone an entrepreneur is less about genetic disposition and

Do you have an Entrepreneurship Spirit?

782 ViewsThe entrepreneurial spirit is a top characteristic of desirable team members. Those who have it push themselves to achieve more and do things faster. What is the entrepreneurial spirit? It is having a development-oriented mindset. When you have this type of spirit, you know that your skills can be improved and perfected. People who

Do You Have An Entrepreneurship Mindset?

891 ViewsThe world is fascinated by modern entrepreneurs. Stories of successful start-ups bring to mind the California gold rush of the 1850s. If only I can be at the right place at the right time, I will discover the genius idea that will make me rich. There is always a measure of luck involved with

7 Things All Entrepreneurs Have In Common

1,238 ViewsUnderstanding the Entrepreneur Mindset: Seven Common Entrepreneurial Traits For every story of entrepreneurial success, there are hundreds of tales of woe and disappointment. Yet, people still wake up each morning with a brilliant idea and a desire to start something new. The difference between triumph and failure may be found in developing your set

Are You Born An Entrepreneur or Made Into One?

1,137 Views“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill Despite the great debate over natural-born leaders that has raged for decades, entrepreneurs come from all types of demographics, education levels, experiences, and personality types. They have big dreams and small goals and many different reasons for chasing their vision.

Why is Productivity Important to an Entrepreneur?

1,365 ViewsProductivity and the Entrepreneurial Mindset “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” – Walt Disney People have ideas all the time. As you go about your day, you may have a moment of inspiration that could be the start of a new business. Without a heavy dose of hard