Best Practices for Managing Virtual Teams and Meetings

8 Views Managing Virtual Teams that Thrive What started as a necessity has become a standard operating procedure in many businesses. Some organizations used virtual teams before the pandemic, but the increase in remote workers due to the coronavirus had everyone looking for virtual solutions. As an entrepreneur, employing the best practices for management will

Make More Money As a Teacher

50 ViewsEducation careers are often emotionally fulfilling. Unfortunately, many teachers struggle to make ends meet, which requires them to look for ways to increase their annual income through various techniques. Some teachers begin a side hustle to earn a little extra cash while others return to school for an advanced degree. If you’re a teacher

Brain Hacks to Develop Your Empathy

71 Views Empathy is the ability to step into another person’s emotional state of mind and understand how they feel. Why does empathy matter? As a leader, you can inspire loyalty and commitment when you show that you empathize with your team members. Leaders who inspire others are productive high achievers. If you aspire to that

Productivity Secrets of Satya Nadella

107 Views Five Secrets to Increase Productivity from Satya Nadella Since becoming the third CEO of Microsoft in 2014, Satya Nadella has made some critical changes to increase productivity throughout the organization. Unlike tech entrepreneurs that advocate slogans like, “Move fast and break things,” Nadella takes a slower, more deliberate approach. He believes meaningful productivity

Productivity Secrets of Barack Obama

171 ViewsProductivity Secrets Few leadership positions have as many demands and responsibilities as being the president of the United States. In that role, Barack Obama made it look easy with his unflappable demeanor and ability to speak about any subject in an engaging, charismatic way. Obama’s daily life as president required him to pack as

How Thought Leadership Impact Demand Generation For Your Services 

120 ViewsBusinesses use thought leadership to position a company as an expert. According to the editor-in-chief of Strategy & Business, Joel Kurtzman, thought leaders are, “recognized by peers, customers and industry experts. They have distinctively original ideas, unique points of view and new insights.” Businesses employ thought leadership to increase awareness and improve credibility for demand

How Entrepreneurship Contributes To Economic Development 

153 ViewsFive Ways Entrepreneurs Contribute to the Economy  When we talk about entrepreneurs, we often focus on the success stories of certain individuals. We often forget, however, that these entrepreneurs and their businesses contribute to the overall economy of a city, town, or country. In the same way, fostering your entrepreneurial traits can enhance your

What Makes a High-Performing Team Work?

113 ViewsConsidering how specialized roles and skillsets have become over the years, it’s rare for one person to be able to accomplish everything in an organization. Because of this, collaboration is the most important part of the modern workplace. People need to work as a team and form something that is greater than the sum of its

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over

148 ViewsMore and more big players in the tech field are talking about artificial intelligence and its implications for humanity. Some say that it will push the species towards new horizons. Others claim that AI is a threat to humanity’s long-term survival. If you’re uncertain about all of the commotion surrounding artificial intelligence, then you

Cultural Intelligence In The Workplace

185 ViewsWhy Cultural Intelligence Is a Crucial Part of Any Workplace  As international commerce continues to expand, the average business can expect to interact with a more diverse range of people. These days, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to interact with a buyer from Sri Lanka, a supplier from Tanzania, and an employee