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Do you want visibility into your virtual team’s productivity?


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Prodoscore creates actionable insights that provide visibility into your virtual team’s daily engagement, empower employee flexibility, and ensure accountability. This creates better-informed leadership to increase employee engagement without being invasive. 

  • Visibility – Research shows 10% of your workforce spends less than 2 hours per day doing productive work. Prodoscore allows you to have visibility into who on your team is engaged vs. who is not. 
  • Flexibility – With hybrid work mdels becoming more of a permanent fixture and something employees are expecting, Prodoscore allows you to see your employees’ productivity no matter where they are working or what device they are using.
  • Accountability –  We all want to trust our employees are working. However, you have employees submit expense reports; Prodoscore allows you to trust and verify that your employees truly work productively.