Productivity Smarts Podcast

Productivity smarts
Launching in January 2023

Productivity Smarts is an audio podcast hosted by a productivity expert who helps other productivity professionals get more done. Each episode features an in-depth discussion or interview with top productivity experts, tips, and strategies to help you become more productive by leveraging the principles of neuroscience.


• Interviews with top productivity experts

• Tips, and strategies for getting more done

• Interviews with people who are doing great things


• Learn how to get more done

• Get inspired by others who are doing great things in their lives

• Hear what they do to stay focused and motivated


My mission is to help busy professionals become more productive so they can achieve their goals faster and reduce stress.

I believe that everyone has the ability to increase their productivity.

I also believe that if I can help others improve their productivity, then everyone can benefit.

That’s why I created this podcast.

It’s a place where I will share tips, hacks, and other productivity resources.


You’ll learn how to get more done in less amount of time.

And you’ll find out what works for me and my team.

So join me every weekday as I discuss productivity topics ranging from productivity tools to productivity habits.

I hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts as much as I enjoyed creating them.