Agile Leadership

What are Agile Leadership Principles?


The idea behind agile leadership comes from the realization that in many cases, managers wind up holding their workers back instead of helping them achieve success. What is agile leadership and how can you bring it into your management style? Here are four agile leadership principles. 

1. Use Action Instead of Words

Lean agile leadership is about more than promoting change, it’s about embodying change. Managers should direct their employees by example and work on developing their skills to inspire others. Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.” 

When you embrace agile leadership, you’ll become a humble manager, one who is compassionate and kind. To become an inspiring leader, you may need to make personal changes before guiding others.  

Keep in mind that the human brain has a hunger for relevant information. The brain is forever trying to predict the next thing. It also recognizes patterns so that it can predict what will happen next. When you embrace agile leadership, prepare for uncertainty with meticulous planning. 

2. Practice High Quality Thinking 

Agile leaders practice high quality thinking to deliver meaningful action. Consider problems from different sides, and be sure to accept help from employees who are close to any issue that you’re working on. This will keep you in touch with what’s going on in the workplace. 

To bring high quality thinking into your management methods, set aside time to think and focus on the most important work tasks. It’s time for companies to make sure that agility is at the heart of their business’s culture. Research shows that once teams become agile, they work more quickly. 

3. Embrace Feedback 

Lean agile leadership requires you to embrace effective feedback. For most people, receiving feedback is a negative thing, but leaders who ask for feedback and use it in a meaningful way show courage and lead by example. Agile leaders make sure that they are noticeably responding to the ideas presented by their coworkers. 

To be an agile leader, provide helpful feedback that is respectful and accurate. Feedback is a great way to figure out what is working in the company and what needs to be modified. 

4. People Want Fulfilling Work  

Agile managers focus on developing a common purpose, one that they share with their workforce. Be sure to create a vision of meaningful change. Take the time to get to know your workers. That way, you’ll understand what’s important to them. This will allow you to unify your team. 

A big part of becoming an agile leader is to give your employees control over their work tasks. That way, they’ll have a sense of belonging on the team and within the company. 

Be the Change 

Agile leadership principles will help you be the change that your business and employees need. When you embrace lean agile leadership, you’ll provide your workers with the kind of support that will help them achieve more. If you need help developing agile leadership skills, then contact me at the Productivity Intelligence Institute.