Learn how to make decisions in the face of increasingly complex and multifaceted challenges

In A Symphony of Choices: How Mentorship Taught a Manager Decision-Making, Project Management and Workplace Engagement — and Saved a Concert Season, workplace culture and strategy expert Gerald Leonard delivers a fascinating narrative following one Jerry Hall, the new Symphony Orchestra manager at a prestigious symphony concerned about the challenging plans for an upcoming season. In the book, you’ll watch Jerry connect with a former college professor and learn the skills necessary to successfully manage his way through these unprecedented times in his business and personal life.

Does he have all skills necessary for effective decision-making and managing a major symphony’s portfolio of projects? Will his fear of succumbing to daunting challenges prevent him from succeeding? The author answers these questions, and more.
You’ll also find:

  • Hands-on strategies for decision-making and management you can implement today at your organization
  • Methods for navigating an increasingly complex and interconnected environment
  • Ways to apply subject-matter knowledge to your management even in the face of extraordinary personal challenges

A necessary and hands-on resource for directors, managers, executives, and other business leaders, A Symphony of Choices will also earn a place on the bookshelves of practicing and aspiring leaders in athletic, academic, military, and other environments.

Coming Soon 8/1/23; Available in print, digital and audiobook format:

“Gerald’s A Symphony of Choices definitely strikes a chord for those of us struggling to manage our customers, our bosses, our teams, and the omnipresent “unknowns.”  He takes a realistic perspective on coping with the real-world challenges that make up the juggling of expectations, time, money, and personalities.  The orchestral analogy provides a simple common context that affords even the novice an opportunity to see how portfolio management can be done while at the same time providing insight for the veteran practitioner.”

Carl Pritchard, 2019 PMI Global Eric Jennet “Best of the Best” award winner

In the Project Economy, We Are All Project Managers

For centuries, learning was achieved by memorizing hefty books and mountains of written material. Today, the leading educational systems, starting from an early age, apply the concept of teaching projects. Applying theories and experimenting through projects has proven to be a much better learning method, and soon it will become the norm. – Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Every Goal Is A Project, and Everyone Is A Project Manager Workbook

You need the six basic principles of project management that every project has to have to succeed. These principles include methodology, work breakdown structure, project schedule, status tracking and reporting, risk and issue management, and incremental execution.

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“Gerald, you have a very interesting background and the story about how you combined the principles of creating great jazz performances in the musical world with creating high-performance productivity in the business world. I’m excited about your book. I liked reading it and I’m going to apply some of the principles to my team. ” Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series
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Workplace Jazz
“Congratulations, Gerald, on your new book. You have obviously put a lot of heart into it. This wonderful, enjoyable book and course entertains you and opens your mind and heart to inspire others. It can change your life and the lives of others.” Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker/Consultant
“In his latest book, Workplace Jazz, Gerald J. Leonard provides fresh new insights and practical tools that will allow leaders to adapt their organizations and to develop agile transformation project teams to excel in the new world of constant change.” Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Author, Speaker, Thinkers50, and past PMI Chair. He is part of Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches and author of the Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook.
“Love the analogy/metaphor of music being compared to business. There are lots of similarities, as you show us. As a musician myself, I’ve often thought about how the two are similar – and how interesting it would be to create a speech, or in your case a book, around the topic.”
Shep Hyken – Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker & New York

Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author of Amaze Every Customer Every Time and The Amazement Revolution
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“Gerald, thank you for the sneak peek at your book. Having a proper PPM process in place will certainly contribute to a company’s achieving high-performance harmony. Thank you for sharing your expertise and strategies for how company cultures can be great, in sync, and high performing.”
Shirley Davis, Ph.D., CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP President of SDS Global Enterprises, Inc.; Business Executive; Workforce Management Expert, Author of Reinvent Yourself: Strategies for Achieving Success in Every Area of Your Life
This course is designed for Project and Program Managers, PMO Executives, Decision Makers, Consultants, Executives, and project team members who have been tasked with oversight, implementation, and the operations of their organization’s Portfolio Management capability; and who need to:
  • Align a company’s project investments with its strategic goals and objectives
  • Gain the skills to better align a selection of projects to the organization’s business and strategy.
  • Acquire the knowledge to develop and execute a standardized set of best practices for project portfolio management
  • Implement a Portfolio Management Governance program that provides guidance and stewardship over the project ideation, selection, calibration, and execution processes while establishing policies and procedures to effectively manage the company’s portfolio assets.
  • Improve your career and competitive positioning by enabling you to develop the skills to help your company to identify and select investments that will capitalize on business values.
  • Monitor the organization’s portfolio performance.
  • Track and perform portfolio management risk monitoring while optimizing the portfolio to mitigate the risk identified.
  • Engage stakeholders at all levels of the organization and execute a comprehensive communication strategy.

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the assessment and you will receive a free customized report of your results!

“Gerald presented a professional assessment that directly addressed the issues we are facing and provided a road map which included quick win solutions that we could act on immediately.”

Ibrahim El-Araby,PMP,PMOC,CSSBB Project Manager at EBA Engineering
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