Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights with Amazon Quicksight

193 ViewsIf you need to make an educated decision for your company and don’t want to search through a ton of data, Amazon QuickSight may help. What is QuickSight? It is an analytics platform that’s set up in the cloud. The program makes it easy for you to obtain business insights quickly and affordably.  What

Leveraging Actionable Insights To Win More Business 

256 ViewsAs an entrepreneur, you run into new challenges every day, which may make it difficult to expand your business. Naturally, you want your enterprise to grow, but broadening your business’s reach isn’t a walk in the park. Nonetheless, achieving sustainable growth isn’t impossible, and you can win more business by leveraging the following actionable

Turning Customer Feedback into Insight

458 ViewsAn important part of management is putting customers first. Doing so improves customer experience and increases profits. To put customers first, you’ll need to make decisions about what to offer and when to offer it. The key to determining this is to find out what they want. Once you know, you can turn customer feedback

Quick & Easy Actionable Insights Secrets For Productivity Managers

650 ViewsIn today’s business world, data-driven operations help productivity managers realize sustainable growth. With enough data, you can determine how your company is doing and use the info to plan for the future. The combination is referred to as actionable insights. Here are seven quick and easy actionable insights for productivity managers. 1. Install Data

Turning Data into Actionable Insights

819 ViewsBig data is both a gift and a challenge. Today, businesses have access to mountains of information ripe for interpretation. Without a strategy for data analysis, organizations will spend time and money on a fruitless search for meaning. According to a recent survey of 1200 companies by DNV, only 23% had developed plans for

Dos and Don’ts of Faking It Til You Make It

1,109 ViewsMost people have heard the phrase “fake it til you make it.” After all, the statement has been around since the 1970s, and it’s common to share it when you’re encouraging others to pretend to be a certain way until they develop the information or leadership skills that embody it. However, there’s very little

Tips to Creating Great Ideas

980 ViewsGreat ideas are the fuel that moves organizations forward. A new idea can streamline processes, solve problems or take your business in a new direction. While inspiration sometimes seems to come from nowhere, there are intentional steps you can take to encourage the development of great ideas. Understanding Where Good Ideas Come From Thinking

How to Persuade People to Take Action

1,046 ViewsOne day, you were lying down on your yoga mat relaxing, in Shavasana when a brilliant work idea popped into your head. The next workday, you share your idea with your supervisor, and she is unimpressed. Pablo Picasso famously said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” Here’s how to convince people to

Steps to Making Ideas Actionable

1,170 ViewsSteps to Making Ideas Actionable Joan Baez said, “Action is the antidote to despair.” Making ideas actionable seems easy enough, but everyday life has a tendency of getting in the way. This is why it’s essential to follow a set of steps. When you make a plan, one that you work on regularly, you’ll

Actionable Ideas Story

766 Views“Dad?” James asked his father. “Yes?” his father responded, turning his gaze from the tv to his son. “I’d like a bike,” James stated, looking hopeful. “Oh? And how do you plan on getting this bike?” his father questioned with an amused look on his face. James pouted, replying, “You won’t get it for