Artificial Intelligence

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over

148 ViewsMore and more big players in the tech field are talking about artificial intelligence and its implications for humanity. Some say that it will push the species towards new horizons. Others claim that AI is a threat to humanity’s long-term survival. If you’re uncertain about all of the commotion surrounding artificial intelligence, then you

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

357 ViewsArtificial intelligence (AI) is the science of creating smart machines. AI systems use deep learning, data, and machine learning to operate in a way that copies humans. Does this mean that artificial intelligence will replace human intelligence? It’s unlikely that AI will ever take the place of the human brain. Artificial Intelligence and the

How Does Deep Learning Work?

651 ViewsFrom a young age, human beings can quickly identify objects and sort them into classes. Think of the different makes, models and colors of four-wheeled vehicles that you can almost immediately classify as cars. Consider the wide variety of cats and dogs that you can identify at a glance. In less than a second,

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming The World?

576 ViewsHarness the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Productivity Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed today’s workplaces. A recent report in the Harvard Business Review found that AI has become “mainstream technology” in over 80% of businesses, and 55% of companies sped up this trend during the COVID-19 pandemic. Artificial intelligence benefits

What is Artificial Intelligence?

553 ViewsArtificial intelligence, or AI, is a collection of several different technologies that are designed to work together for the purpose of empowering a machine to do things that humans do like sense, understand and take action. There are many different definitions of AI because it is more than one thing. AI and the Human