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As the person accountable for translating your organization’s strategy into projects, are you faced with addressing these challenges alone?

As someone like you… who has held several positions as a Project and Program Leader, PMO Manager, and a Strategy Implementation Consultant for the past 25+ years, I’ve concluded… our job is really… really hard.

And it’s even harder… in isolation!

I realized that if I had to wait for my employers to develop me… I would be waiting a very long time. My managing directors and CIOs expected me to have the answers to lead, train, mentor, coach, and execute the project portfolio whether it was $40 Million, $300 Million, or $16 Billion. I was the person responsible and accountable.

“We were searching for a way to more efficiently manage and track schedules of our 14,000 active construction projects so we could more accurately predict advertisement dates, which would ultimately allow us to more accurately program our $16 billion Six-Year Improvement Plan. Gerald provided exceptional leadership, vision, and a remarkably patient and steady hand during this multi-year, multi-iteration installment. His knowledge, organization, temperament, positive energy, responsiveness, and follow-through were all critical to VDOT’s success.”
Rob Tieman, P.E. Director, PMO

As I looked for ways to level up my skills, I discovered the power of the Mastermind in 2003. It was in the Mastermind group that I gain insight, strategies, and answers that allow me to address my employer’s and client’s most difficult problems. My certifications didn’t prepare me to deal with all of the real-world challenges I would face in isolation.

And this is WHY… I’m excited to offer you the opportunity to level up your skills through the power of a mastermind group.

It’s TIME to stop working in isolation!

What I really like about Top Minds Helping Top Minds is talking to people, on one hand in similar situations, but on the other hand, from totally different backgrounds and totally different areas, I like this a lot. I appreciate the open exchange that we have, the expert feedback, and getting others’ objective points of view… I really think this is an absolute value.

I like the theoretical topics we discuss and the issues that are pointed out to us and how you remind us that people have to prepare themselves to work properly, whether it’s a meeting or training or something like this, I mean, you don’t want to start a creative workshop if people just come out of a very stressful meeting or situation.

Alexandra Hänig – Head of Multi Project Steering and Test Management

Top Minds Helping Top Minds Mastermind is a safe place where you can share, and learn from other experts. You can share with others the issue you are facing right now, and they will give you feedback and new insights. Based on that feedback, you can improve your skills, how you interact with other people and how you deal with your professional challenges.

Patrick NOUBICIER – Project Manager Officer

The group will meet twice a month and work as a peer group with other CIOs, VPs, Managing Directors, and Project Management Leaders with expert guidance and with access to my library of resources, courses, and coaching that I’ve collected over the past 25+ years.

The goal is to provide a mastermind group I wish I had earlier in my career that enabled me to lead portfolios of Millions to Billions. My clients have included The National Archives, Pfizer, Erickson Retirement, Multiplan, Del Monte, GEICO, Partners Healthcare, Defense Finance Accounting Service, Defense Logistic Agency, Cerner Corporation, Hewlett Packer, Verizon, WilmerHale, Siemens, VDOT, and MasterCard.

Are you tired of leading alone or working in isolation? Do you wish you had a trusted board of advisors who understand what you’re facing? Do you long for peers who are eager to hear your ideas? And… a place where you don’t have to have all the answers?

Problems a mastermind group can solve for you:

  • Struggles with defining value, defining KPIs, and understanding how to measure the right things.
  • How do we get everybody on board, develop a reusable framework, keep the team driving forward, and keep the mojo going?
  • How do we influence a cultural realignment?
  • How can we move programs to understand the right digital solution and determine the right business outcomes?
  • How do we initiate communication with business stakeholders and get their support?
  • How do we create buy-in organizationally for our PMO?
  • How do we create our own swim-lane, when currently we overlap with several other departments – because this is our first time establishing a PMO?
  • What are the general best practices for setting up a PMO?
  • What are the best ideas for what works in a Matrix environment to align strategy and projects?
  • How do we go from a cohesive strategy in a technically diverse group, not yet united by vision and goals?

Let’s face it… these are not the issues you study for on an industry certification exam. So, where do you find the answers to these real-world problems?

Top Minds Helping Top Minds

Why Join A Mastermind Membership Portal… You have a safe place to get input and address the challenges that you’re facing that others in the group have faced.

If you want to experience the power of a mastermind where you can get advice, level up your leadership skills, and have a board of advisors who will share their insight so you can stop working in isolation, then click the button to register to attend an introductory call and 1 free Top Minds Helping Top Minds Mastermind.

Top Minds Helping Top Minds™

Strategic Breakthroughs and Productivity Transformations: Collaborating, Creating, Testing, and Exceeding… Expectations

Benefits of the Top Minds Helping Top Minds Mastermind™ Membership

  • A supportive and exclusive community of Top Mind Experts
  • A collaborative and synergistic group who freely exchange ideas with each other
  • Healthy discussions with other Top Minds will open your mind to new ideas, options, and big ideas.
  • Obtain genuine advice and feedback from experts who have faced the same challenges you’re facing.
  • Access to a sounding board for testing ideas and who can evaluate your ideas and plans.
  • Access to more resources, insights, wisdom, and lessons learned.
  • Access to a valuable support network
  • You will gain a new perspective – looking at your challenges through your mastermind members’ eyes.
  • Gain access to tap into the experience and skills of other Top Mind Experts.
  • Access to a diversity of experience and expertise
  • Accelerate the growth of each member – sharpen your business and personal skills.
  • Ability to share your current problems, issues, or challenges, making them more tangible and easier to dissect.
  • A group of experts that will help hold you accountable.
  • Learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs and develop new habits that accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Mastermind Membership Offer – Everything You’ll Get

  • Access to all recorded mastermind meetings, twice a month 90-minute Guided Mastermind Group and Membership Portal

  • Confident Peer-to-Peer Coaching

  • Bonus 1: All In Access to online courses and all future courses

  • Ascending to the Apex of the PM Ladder

  • Workplace Jazz: Creating High-Performing Agile Teams


  • Guest Speakers

  • Bonus 2; Access to proven templates, tools, and worksheets for Portfolio, Program, Project Management (Agile & Waterfall), PMO, and Governance processes

  • Bonus 3: Access to PPM Maturity Assessment at a 25% discount

  • Bonus 4: Mindset Strategy Training in Partnership with Dr. Paul Scheele and Learning Strategies 

  • Living the Law of attraction

  • Abundance for Life

  • Genius Code

  • Rapid Reading Made Easy

  • Happiness Generator

  • Membership Only $297.00 a month

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays every month from 11 am-12:30 pm CST!

All Mastermind meetings are free to attend!

Interested in test driving the mastermind membership in a free session… I believe that once you experience the power of the mastermind as I did years ago, you will be hooked.

Then you can…

Stop working in isolation!