The Value of Entrepreneurship Skills


Use Entrepreneurship Skills to Become a Better Manager

We know that successful entrepreneurs share certain traits. They’re driven by passion, creativity, and a growth mindset. They’re also highly adaptable. Developing these skills can make you a stronger team leader and a more productive project manager.

Can You Learn Entrepreneurship Skills?

You might think you aren’t an entrepreneur—and don’t want to be one. You’re happy with the success you’ve gained in your company, and you like the rewards you’ve earned as a successful leader and manager.

Learning entrepreneurship skills doesn’t mean you have to go out on your own, however. Developing these skills will help you become more driven, more productive, and ultimately more successful when you apply them to your work with high-performing teams.

Use the Knowledge You Already Have 

Do you have to learn a bunch of new concepts? The good news is that you don’t. 

recent study titled, “Neuroentrepreneurs: What Can Entrepreneurship Learn from Neuroscience?“ looked at whether someone can become an expert simply by learning and practicing new concepts. The author, Norris F. Kreuger, concluded that this is a misconception:

“No amount of learning knowledge content can guarantee reaching the mindset of an expert. What differentiates experts is not how much they know but how they structure that knowledge.” Other things that set entrepreneurial experts apart are their passion for a subject and their belief that they can change their mindset to an entrepreneurial one. 

Approach Every Project with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

According to Kreuger, these traits are what give entrepreneurs the “Aha!” moment of inspiration that fuels their productivity.

You have the knowledge and the experience. Developing a passion for your work and believing you can change your mindset will help you develop a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Use your passion and your new mindset to spark that “Aha!” moment when you face your next project.

Use Visualization 

One practical tip straight from neuroscience is to use visualization. Visualization has long been used by top athletes who use it to picture successfully completing a physical challenge. It also works for high achievers in the arts and in business, according to neuroscientist Mike Tranter and author of the book, A Million Things to Ask A Neuroscientist: The Brain Made Easy.

In an interview with Forbes, Tranter explained that using a process called “outcome visualization” will prepare your brain’s neurons for success. To do it, simply close your eyes and try to imagine yourself confidently achieving your next goal. It could be a small one like finally organizing that closet, or it could be a big one like winning a huge contract for your company.

It’s an active process that works best when you imagine every detail. What are you wearing, where are you, what do you see and smell? When you visualize with this much detail, your brain and body react as if the outcome has already happened, and you’ll have the confidence to make that vision a reality.

Position Yourself for Success 

At the Leonard Productivity Intelligence Institute, we use proven, science-based techniques to help high-performing managers develop the skills they need for phenomenal success. If you’d like to learn how, contact us today.