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How to Make Money From Home?


How to Make Money From Home

Millions of Americans are looking for new ways to replace income after losing work due to the pandemic. Even before the health crisis hit, anxiety and stress over money matters were already stretched. Since 38% of working Americans had less than $1,000 set aside to deal with emergency expenses, few were prepared for an extended economic downturn, according to the PwC 2020 Employee Financial Wellness Survey.

A New York Times/Gallup survey found that people most often have side hustles to pursue a passion, but one-third are driven by financial need. When searching for advice on making money from home, you’ll come across many listicles offering tips on raising quick cash. Unfortunately, most suggestions are short-lived or bring in pennies. It’s tough to find real ways to make money if you’re serious about becoming a solopreneur. With determination and a willingness to up your skillset, these nine ventures offer a more straightforward entry point into self-employment.

1. Making Goods

The market may be flooded with sellers, but buyers are still spending on unique, quality-crafted gifts, home décor, and clothing. You can sell everything from artwork and crafts to baked goods and toys on popular social marketplaces, including Facebook, Etsy, Zazzle, CafePress, and Shopify, as well as numerous online and in-store boutiques.

2. Freelancing

Independent contractors have traditionally served in the creative fields, offering writing, designing, and marketing services. However, accountants, project managers, data entry specialists, legal professionals, and recruiters are all hot fields for freelancers.

3. Reselling

There is a thriving market for affordable secondhand goods, rustic décor, antique treasures, and collectible memorabilia. Easily advertise furniture, appliances, toys, electronics, clothing, and more with online selling platforms, including Facebook Marketplace, eBay, OfferUp, and Poshmark. You can sell your items, source goods from yard sales, or charge a commission to organize estate sales for others.

4. Repair Business

Clients are always seeking local, trustworthy people who are handy with making home repairs or fixing motors, appliances, computer equipment, furniture, clothing, yard tools, or bicycles.

5. Multilevel Marketing

MLM partners launch their businesses by selling another company’s products. While MLMs have gained a negative reputation for having a “pyramid” structure, many people have made more money on the side from these partnerships.

6. Virtual Assistant

Other entrepreneurs, companies shifting to remote workforces, and busy executives hire virtual assistants on gig sites, such as Upwork, Indeed, and Remote. Individuals in this role can provide customer support, organize work processes, oversee technology, or manage calendar and travel arrangements.

7. Remote Education

Online tutoring, skill development webinars, crafting tutorials, and remote courses are a booming business. The e-learning market generated more than $200 billion in 2019, as reported by Global Market Insights. If you have the knowledge to share, you’ll find people are seeking to learn everything from how to play musical instruments to gardening like a pro to expertly speaking a new language. You can work for an online company, take on private clients from your community, or develop your tutorials on Udemy, Coursera, or Teachable. Other educators will even pay you for your ideas on websites like Teachers Pay Teachers.

8. Personal Trainer

Closed gyms and the desire for individual attention are driving up the demand for personal trainers. Focus on helping others create fitness goals, design healthy meal plans, and develop workout routines. You can also post tutorial videos or lead live exercise sessions virtually.

9. Consultant

Put your hard-earned experience to work by advising businesses on the best strategies to achieve their goals. Backed by an impressive portfolio of client successes, you will find more robust opportunities in the financial, communications, computer technology, human resources, and professional development fields.

Think Like a Business Owner, Not an Employee

Whichever entrepreneurial path you decide to journey down, your success in making money while working from home will ultimately depend on your mindset, hustle, and grit. As you plan your business, also consider these essential questions:

• How hard are you willing to work for your business, and can you rebound from inevitable setbacks? Laser focus is vital to success, but long hours, little self-care, and lost connections with loved ones will quickly lead to burnout. Set boundaries, stick to routines to prime your brain for success, and take action each day to get one step closer to your goal.

• Can you push through the anxieties you’ll encounter when making big decisions, learning new skills, or generating new clients through networking and marketing? Our brains are wired to flee at any sign of discomfort, and uncertainty clouds our judgments, often resulting in impulsive decisions or inaction. A 2017 neuroscience study by ThinkAlike Laboratories found that building a framework and support system makes people feel calmer and more confident in their choices.

• Are you willing to continue learning new skills and grow from failures? In the beginning, you’ll worry about getting everything right. Just choose a method, remembering that simpler is often better. Besides, no matter which route you go, you’ll refine that system as you learn and your business grows.

Earning money from home and making more money on the side doesn’t have to be seemingly unattainable fantasies or sources of stress. With the right plan and support system in place and the right mindset, you can make real money and even enjoy the process. Start your journey by answering the questions above and considering how you’d like to earn your income. If you could use some further assistance accomplishing more without added stress, reach out to the Leonard Productivity Intelligence Institute at