Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights The Missing Link


Companies need data to make good decisions. However, some kinds of data are simply not helpful. You expect your managers to operate at a fast pace, so they shouldn’t waste time sorting through useless information. You want your employees to make informed decisions as efficiently as possible, so keep reading to uncover the secrets of gaining actionable insights from data.

Collect Data With Intent

First and foremost, you must know what you want to accomplish with your organization’s data. After all, a bunch of random information is useless if you cannot analyze it with specific purposes in mind. However, you might not know which types of data will actually benefit your company. In that case, you should consult key stakeholders to craft your organization’s data strategies.

Organize Data With the Right Tools

Your organization likely has a lot of data to collect and analyze. Sorting through data manually and making it presentable can be extremely time-consuming, so you should adopt the right tools to streamline these processes. For example, if you want to identify shortcomings in your company’s services, then you should use a text analyzer tool to scan reviews on common search engines and social media platforms. The text analyzer can quickly find and count the most common terms and phrases in these reviews. With the help of such a tool, the data will be more accurate and concise, and team members won’t have to spend dozens of hours scanning the web to find out what people are saying about the company.

Make Data an Important Part of Your Company

Unfortunately, managers in many companies make completely arbitrary decisions. Without a data-driven culture, people may simply base their decisions on gut feelings or anecdotal evidence. Such subjective thought processes will harm your company in the long run, so it’s important to ensure that all team members understand the importance of data, evidence, and empiricism for the organization’s success.

Hire the Right Personnel To Analyze Data

Some kinds of data can be very difficult to interpret, so you shouldn’t expect every team member to make optimal decisions with all of your company’s data. While your accountant may be able to tell you how your organization’s current financial situation compares to previous periods, they don’t have the training and experience necessary to forecast a new product’s sales numbers. Instead, you will have to consult a relevant market expert to derive any meaningful conclusions from relevant internal and external data.

Leverage Your Company’s Valuable Data Today for Actionable Insights

Data is easier to extract and analyze than ever before. However, the abundance of data in the digital age can get in your way if you don’t know how to use it. Therefore, you must make sure to keep your organization’s goals in mind as you develop your data strategies to make optimal decisions. You want your team to use data efficiently to streamline your organization’s processes, so make sure to read our other useful guides for gaining actionable insights from data.