Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights From Customer Feedback  


Customer feedback is like a treasure box. Think of the box as feedback and the treasure inside as information about your business and customer experience. 

Picture yourself sorting through the treasure box and coming across two stones, one is a cubic zirconia that you keep because it’s shiny and pretty. The other stone is a diamond that you take to the jeweler to exchange for cash. In this scenario, the difference between the stones is like actionable and non-actionable insights.

What are Actionable Insights from Customer Feedback? 

In general, actionable insights are important discoveries that you collect from assessing data. These discoveries show you what steps you need to take or how you should consider an issue. Organizations use this information to make decisions based on useful data. 

An example of a non-actionable insight from a customer is that your company’s app isn’t working right. An actionable insight is that 75 people have commented that the check out function isn’t operating.

Why are Insights Important?

Insights are important because they can help you develop strategic decisions. These decisions bring about positive results for your business. The reason why they are so helpful is because you’re developing them from your data. 

When your organization is driven by information, insights that are actionable are what you’ll be able to use to improve your product and operations. 

Where to Obtain Actionable Insights 

To obtain insights from consumer feedback, send out surveys that ask responders what they think about your services and products. You can allow customers to take surveys on your site at any time to gather a consistent stream of insights that are actionable. Look into micro surveys that your customers can take on their phones. This can help you collect more accurate data. 

Online reviews are another way to obtain feedback from your customers. Text analytics can help you assess review feedback. This type of assessment is unstructured, which means that it can help you gain a better understanding of your audience. It will also help you determine how your customers are perceiving your products or services. 

Social media is another place where you can gather important insights for your business. Add this information to what people are saying about your products and services on relevant forums and other websites. 

What Makes an Insight Actionable? 

Make sure that an insight reveals information about its priorities. After collecting the surveys from your customers, analyze the information to determine how important each area is to your customers. This will give you an accurate picture of their satisfaction levels. 

Focus on customer emotions. When you begin reviewing feedback, adjust your mindset so that you’re considering their perceptions and feelings instead of just how many people responded. 

Improve Your Business with Help from Your Customers 

Feedback from your customers lets you gain an edge on the competition by helping you tweak your products and services according to their needs and preferences. If you’re not sure where to start, contact me at the Productivity Intelligence Institute. I can help.