Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights with Amazon Quicksight


If you need to make an educated decision for your company and don’t want to search through a ton of data, Amazon QuickSight may help. What is QuickSight? It is an analytics platform that’s set up in the cloud. The program makes it easy for you to obtain business insights quickly and affordably. 

What are the Features of Amazon QuickSight? 

Amazon’s actionable insights platform is available anytime and from anywhere. The program is set up in the cloud. This means that you can use it from all types of mobile devices and from any browser that you have available. 

Amazon’s platform also lets you select your source of data. Regardless of the application or source that you prefer to work with, Amazon has the technology to link to it. 

With Amazon’s program, you don’t have to be an expert in data analytics. Amazon’s insights platform makes it easy for you to create visualizations. You can also use it to complete assessments and develop insights. Amazon’s program is one that you can use regardless of your technical skills. 

While the establishment and growth of big data is an amazing tool, most people have more material than they can ever effectively use. When you look at it from an advertising perspective, it’s common to see multiple reports filled with data. Work reports draw data from multiple sources like emails, websites, searches and even social media. 

In comparison to the abundance of data that’s available and being used, insights are hard to come by. These data-driven determinations are a valuable tool for businesses. Actionable insights are different than unprocessed data. For a company to gain access to insights, they need people with different work skills and technical knowhow to develop them. This makes Amazon’s program even more useful. 

How to Use the QuickSight Platform

QuickSight runs using Amazon Web Services. The connection makes it easy for you to set up the platform. The program’s direct setup allows you to begin forming assessments and visualizations right away. QuickSight comes with a built-in solution. It is called the “Super-fast Parallel In-memory Calculation Engine” (SPICE). This feature includes an in-memory optimized measuring system that you can use for data assessment. 

SPICE stores information on Amazon’s cloud platform. It is available for you when you need it. Amazon provides each account holder with 10GB of SPICE capacity. 

QuickSight includes tables that you can use to quickly analyze your data. The SPICE feature of QuickSight will help you keep your data analytics current. You will need to activate the automated refresher feature to keep everything up to date. The program also lets you customize your visuals and edit the filters. 

Developing insights is challenging but incredibly powerful. Companies that use them will be able to improve their product or service. This is also something that can help you improve customer experiences. 

To develop insights, you’ll need to have a way to collect data. You must also connect, manage and assess the information. With statistics, reporting info and visualization tools, you can produce the insights your company needs. This will help you improve your products or services, and it will help you make your company more competitive. 

Actionable Insights 

Amazon QuickSight can help you assess your data and transform it into usable information. If you need help or direction, then contact me at the Productivity Intelligence Institute. I can help you with Amazon’s program.