Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Why Is Cultural Intelligence Important?

237 ViewsThe world is becoming more and more interconnected. As a consequence of this, people from a variety of cultures, ethnicities, religions, and nationalities are working with each other every day to bring the greatest products and services to the global market. You want your enterprise to remain competitive. Thus, to stay on top in

Leveraging Actionable Insights To Win More Business 

202 ViewsAs an entrepreneur, you run into new challenges every day, which may make it difficult to expand your business. Naturally, you want your enterprise to grow, but broadening your business’s reach isn’t a walk in the park. Nonetheless, achieving sustainable growth isn’t impossible, and you can win more business by leveraging the following actionable

Expert Interview with Rich Maltzman

157 ViewsToday we are speaking with Rich Maltzman, PMP, co-author of several books on Project Management, including the Cleveland Award-winning Green Project Management, and most recently, Bridging the PM Competency Gap, co-written with Loredana Abramo, PMP.  The two co-authors offer assistance in PM competence building via their consultancy Continuous Learning Environment (CLE Advisors). Loredana Abramo,

How to Reduce Stress at Work

286 ViewsFive Strategies to Identify and Reduce Stress at Work The stress response is a natural part of being human. Our brains are wired to prepare our bodies to deal with a threat. When the body senses danger, adrenaline and cortisol course through the bloodstream to release stored energy, increase the heart rate, and prepare

The Challenges of Managing Virtual Teams 

271 ViewsEven in ideal circumstances, managing a team is challenging, but in the current virtual environment, overseeing a team has become notably tougher. People are changing the way that they stay connected to others. Today, Zoom meetings, digital communication and virtual phone service are dominating the way that people are staying in contact with each

The Secret Sauce for Streamlining Processes 

306 ViewsThe Best Method for Streamlining Your Enterprise’s Processes  When you have a big project to complete, you may not feel like you’re up to the task. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and although a task may seem difficult, you can do anything with the right mindset and an efficient work ethic. Naturally,

Brain Hacks To Be More Decisive

292 ViewsSome people are natural decision makers while others struggle with the task. The good news is that there are ways to encourage yourself to choose a course of action. Brain hacks to be more decisive include:  • Getting rid of multiple options • Keeping your decisions changeable • Clarifying your priorities • Knowing that you don’t have

Who Makes More Money, Samsung or Apple?

289 ViewsWhat Can You Learn From Them Most people know Apple and Samsung for their smartphones. Consumers wait expectantly for the next generation of iPhone or Galaxy. However, the two companies use different business strategies to make a profit, and both models can illustrate ways to make more money for entrepreneurs. Samsung: Taking a Broad

What is Cultural Intelligence?

506 ViewsUse Cultural Intelligence to Power Your Productivity You’ve heard about business intelligence and emotional intelligence. If you want to increase your ability to manage high-performing teams, however, you need to learn more about cultural intelligence or CQ. In today’s increasingly diverse workplace, your ability to adapt to these changes will enhance your interactions and