Make More Money

Make More Money As a Teacher


Education careers are often emotionally fulfilling. Unfortunately, many teachers struggle to make ends meet, which requires them to look for ways to increase their annual income through various techniques. Some teachers begin a side hustle to earn a little extra cash while others return to school for an advanced degree. If you’re a teacher who needs to make more money, here are a few ways to do it. 

1. Start Tutoring 

Tutoring is a great way to use your current skills to earn more money. It offers you flexibility since you can choose to tutor based on age or subject. You can tutor students to prepare them for the SAT or ACT. You can even decide to tutor one-on-one or in groups. Tutoring automatically takes place during your free time, which is an added benefit. 

2. Teach Abroad 

If you like to travel, then teaching English abroad during the summer may be the perfect way to make more money. It will help you improve your teaching skills and give you a chance to learn about other cultures. There are short-term teaching opportunities, or you can teach English online to foreign students. 

3. Earn an Advanced Degree 

Teachers who have earned a bachelor’s degree in science are able to teach elementary school and high school students. According to Salary, a public-school teacher who has a bachelor’s degree can earn from around $57,000 to $62,000 a year. 

The median annual salary for teachers with a master’s degree increases to around $58,200 to $62,800. A master’s degree can also help you gain employment more easily since the higher degree tends to stand out among candidates.  

4. Sign Up for Additional Work at School 

Your school may offer opportunities for you to earn more money. For instance, you may be able to sign up to coach a sports team or the debate team. You might even be able to earn more by chaperoning a school event or by working as a drama instructor. 

5. Become an Administrator 

Teachers who are looking for a higher salary often switch over to the administrative side of education. You’ll be able to earn more as a school principal, vice principle or an operations manager. You’ll still have the opportunity to work with students, but you’ll make more money. 

If you’re considering this step, search for warm leads. You’ll have a better chance of moving into administration if you know someone on the inside who can recommend you for the job. 

Enjoy a More Comfortable Lifestyle 

Around the world, communities have recognized education as a major factor in improving the negative effects of social, personal and global traumas that impact people’s mental health. While most people recognize that teachers should earn more, funding may not be available. This means that teachers need to find other ways to supplement their income.  

Supplementing your teaching income will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. One of the great things about becoming a teacher is that your skills are useful in many other areas and fields. At the Productivity Intelligence Institute, I can help you come up with different ways to increase your annual income. Contact me for more information today.