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Productivity Secrets of Tyler Perry


When you think about business productivity, Tyler Perry’s filmography probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. However, in contrast with most movie producers, all of Tyler Perry’s films have been extremely profitable, so it’s worth examining the factors contributing to his consistent success. Although Tyler Perry is primarily a filmmaker, his productivity secrets can help professionals in any industry thrive. With that in mind, you need to check out these three important aspects of Tyler Perry’s creative process if you want your company to increase productivity and stay ahead of the competition.

Identifying Gaps in the Market

Before Tyler Perry started producing films, he observed that many of the films made to appeal to Black audiences were extremely violent and unsuitable for young viewers. Aware of the lack of good family films for the Black community, Tyler Perry wisely set to change the status quo. Now, Tyler Perry’s name is closely associated with Black American cinema, and his films continue to perform exceptionally well at the box office.

Tyler Perry was able to serve his community and propel himself to great heights simply by noticing an underserved market and doing something to fix the problem. Even if you’re in a very niche industry, there are likely many customers in your target market with unmet needs. If you’re not providing desired services to this segment of your market, then someone else eventually will. To sustain success in your field, you must pay close attention to your customers’ preferences, search for weaknesses in your organization’s ability to help its clientele, and adjust your business model accordingly.

Simplicity in Production

The plots of Tyler Perry’s films explore unpretentious themes such as unrequited love, economic hardship, and family tension. The storylines are simple enough for anyone in the family to follow, and the films don’t typically employ fancy camera work or crazy visual effects. This is because Tyler Perry takes a straightforward approach to filmmaking, and his main objective is to create stories that his audience can relate to. 

The acclaimed producer recognizes that he doesn’t have to pioneer new camera techniques or make convoluted stories to be a good filmmaker. Instead, he follows a simple process and focuses solely on fulfilling the needs of his community. Considering the fact that almost every one of Tyler Perry’s 52 films has turned a hefty profit, it’s clear that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to succeed. Above anything else, entrepreneurs must adopt effective processes and set clear goals to achieve consistent profitability.

A Sense of Purpose

Tyler Perry has stated that his main objective is to spread positivity. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Because Tyler Perry’s purpose is so clear, the actors, directors, sound engineers, and other members of his production staff know precisely what they’re trying to accomplish. Consequently, he makes a reliable product, so viewers always know that they’ll enjoy themselves when they buy a ticket to one of his films.

Does your company’s mission statement relate to your customers’ needs? Do your employees have an easy time operating in line with your organization’s objectives? A concise purpose is vital for any company’s success, so you need to ensure that your organization’s mission statement isn’t too convoluted for your audience or employees to understand.

Increase Productivity With a Straightforward Approach

Smart entrepreneurs pay attention to what exceptional businesspeople across all industries do to set themselves apart. As a filmmaker and a businessman, Tyler Perry has shown an impressive ability to understand his audience’s needs and deliver products that consistently satisfy them. By following his example, you can cultivate a loyal base of customers and operate more efficiently than ever before.