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Productivity Secrets of Elon Musk


The New Owner of Twitter 

Elon Musk recently bought Twitter for $44 billion, and while the buyout has stoked some controversy among the platform’s users, nobody can deny that this is an impressive accomplishment. If you’re like many onlookers, then you probably wonder how Elon Musk could have become so successful that he could afford such a massive purchase. Although Elon Musk comes from a relatively affluent family, he wouldn’t be a multi-billionaire if he didn’t understand the fundamentals of productivity. Like most entrepreneurs, you probably want to emulate Elon Musk’s success, so you need to check out this quick guide to unlock his five most effective secrets to increase productivity.

Address Important Work Early in the Day

A person’s energy gradually declines throughout the day. This is why Elon Musk takes care of the most challenging tasks as soon as he enters the workplace. If you start your day with the easiest tasks, then you simply won’t have the energy necessary to tackle the hardest work at the end of your shift.

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Have Fewer Meetings

When team members attend meetings, they cannot focus on other tasks. With that in mind, you should only schedule a meeting if you’re covering new ground or relaying time-sensitive information. Cutting down on workplace meetings will give your employees more time to fulfill their roles in the company. When employees have more time to complete their work, they can relax, which makes them happier and more productive in the long run.

Maintain Consistent Communication

Everyone in an organization should be aware of the latest strategies and developments that could affect their daily operations. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should waste your employees’ time with more meetings. Instead, your company’s managers should be more proactive about making calls and sending concise emails to relevant parties as soon as they have something important to communicate.

Write Plainly

According to Elon Musk, fancy business jargon and made-up acronyms only serve to confuse employees and hinder effective workplace communication. When you send emails and post memos, you want everyone to understand what you’re trying to say. Thus, you should make it a workplace policy to write all written communications as plainly and directly as possible to avoid costly misunderstandings. 

Know When To Take a Break

It’s okay to step back, relax, and admit that your work is stressing you out. Burnout will severely impact your mental health and bring down the quality of your work, so it’s better to take a break and look for ways to make your job easier. If you or other members of your organization constantly feel overwhelmed, then you should take a close look at your processes, redistribute tasks, and consider hiring more employees to lighten the workload for everyone.

Unlock Greater Productivity Today

Seeing Elon Musk’s success in a wide array of industries, you cannot deny the effectiveness of his productivity secrets. Although you may not agree with everything Elon Musk does or says, his methods are still worth trying out. If you want to increase productivity in your organization, then you need to take a look at our other entrepreneur analyses and productivity hacks today.