Brain Hacks

How To Hack Your Brain with Paraliminals?


Humans are always learning. Evolution confirms that humans are programmed toward a curious nature. Also, people learn from their mistakes. They search for things that give them pleasure and avoid the things that cause pain. As humans continue to search for and find happiness, particular brain wave frequencies are activated. This inspires humans to continue looking for rewarding stimuli. 

Learning is a Core Skill 

Modern companies consider learning to be a core skill. Research has determined that people who are creative, excel at problem solving and exhibit empathy tend to learn faster than others. How do you take advantage of the way that people learn to work smarter, faster and more efficiently? You can hack your brain using paraliminals. 

What are Paraliminals? 

Paraliminals are a CD system that helps you hack the brain. Each CD comes with a small set of instructions. Read through them first. Then, set aside about 20 minutes to listen to the CD. Listen with your eyes closed and using headphones. The first CD will help you become more focused and effective in your life. The follow up CDs focus on overcoming anxiety, improving your confidence, managing your health and handling relationships. Currently, there are 34 paraliminals. 

Paraliminals are different than subliminal messages. While listening to a CD, you’ll be hearing two things at the same time. Sound frequencies that affect the brain can help you tap into unknown potential. For instance, one voice will be reciting a short story while the other voice will be stating positive affirmations. 

When you begin, you may find it challenging and confusing to attempt to follow two voices simultaneously and pay attention to what they are telling you. However, once you’ve listened to several of the CDs, you’ll begin to relax, and the words will float over you like a gentle breeze. While your conscious mind is likely to notice a few snippets of what the CDs are saying, your subconscious mind is taking it all in. 

How to Hack Your Brain for More Potential 

In most cases, brain inference happens because there’s too much going on in one area of the brain. This is important for humans to survive, but if one area is too active, then it may interfere with your potential. 

Along with using paraliminals, consider starting a mindful meditation practice. Every human brain comes with a default mode network. This mode interferes with mindful meditation because it is a dominate part of the brain that constantly generates thoughts. This is why some people chant the sound of “om” when they meditate. The “om” sound is one of the sound frequencies that affect the brain. Mindful meditation can switch your brain out of its default mode network and help you tap into its full potential. 

The Power of Your Brain 

How to hack your brain for more potential? Set aside time to listen to paraliminals and modify your brain wave frequencies. When you hack your brain to learn better and faster, you’ll improve your performance and become more innovative. At the Productivity Intelligence Institute, I can help you develop your management skills. Contact me to learn more today.