Creating High-Performing Teams

How Do You Manage High Performing Teams In 2022


The thing that makes a company great is the teams that supports it. To increase profits and be successful in their industry field, companies must put together high performing teams. 

What Makes a Team High Performing? 

High-performing teams need four main elements. 

1. Engaged and motivated team members 
2. High team member productivity 
3. The ability to meet productivity goals 
4. Company expansion 

Who is On High-Performing Teams? 

For decades, teams have been included in a company’s organizational chart. In this type of setup, a leader has a team available for support.

Traditionally, teams include people from the same business division. Those who are in different divisions are on their own team. These days, companies are facing new challenges, which means that many of them are shaking up their teams. 

To respond to new challenges, companies are forming cross-organization and cross-division teams. This allows the company to take advantage of diverse skillsets and unique perspectives to tackle the new challenges. 

How Can You Create a High Performing Team in 2022? 

To create a high-performing team, make sure that your team knows what their goals are. When team members know what is expected of them, they perform better. According to a study on tech companies, employees who were unproductive were 2.8 times more likely to not know what their company’s goals were. 

You can also work to figure out root cause mindsets and change them. Employees often have a mindset about what they should and can do in their job position. This can limit a team. Take time to understand how your team members approach their job. Then, decide if you need to take steps to reframe these mindsets to encourage more company supportive behaviors. 

Be sure to schedule one-on-one meetings with each team member. This step will help you understand how each person is feeling on the team, allowing you to intervene before an employee becomes overly stressed and winds up quitting or turning to a competitor.  

Foster a supportive environment for your team, one with convincing direction, a diverse structure and effective work practices. When your team has these three things, you’ll work to create psychological safety for the group. In this type of group, team members will: 

· Feel as though they belong  
· Collaborate  
· Trust and respect each other  

This allows them to be vulnerable with each other, participate in useful conflict and hold one another accountable. 

Once you bring these elements to your team, you’ll be rewarded with an effective team. This type of team will be independent, able to adapt, self-managing, constantly developing and likely to deliver successes. 

To create a team that performs well, it’s important to hire people who are flexible, self-directed and comfortable cooperating. 

High Performing Teams Help Companies Succeed 

High-performing teams are the backbone of any company. Review your team to see if there are any changes that you can make to help them work better together and increase productivity. For help getting started, contact me at the Productivity Intelligence Institute.