Wed. May 18th, 2022

Future of Work: Productivity Trends 2022

501 ViewsThe future of work is all about change, and it’s time to recognize that “normal” is no longer a thing. While new companies and startup organizations usually embrace the notion of constant change, major enterprises around the world are discovering that they must do the same. For instance, companies like Shopify, Twitter and Facebook

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

516 ViewsThese days, entrepreneurs and self-employed people have become the latest business buzzwords. If you’re not a business owner, how does this talk apply to you? Even if you never plan to start your own business, developing an entrepreneurial spirit can enhance your productivity at work. It can help you develop the leadership skills you need to

How Artificial Intelligence will Change the Future

541 ViewsFrom cars that drive themselves to the ability to lock your home after you’ve left, artificial intelligence, or AI, has advanced quickly. It’s transitioned from something only imagined in sci-fi movies and books to a reality. Scientists from the University of Oxford have been researching artificial intelligence, and they’re predicting that by 2024, the technology

How Does Deep Learning Work?

540 ViewsFrom a young age, human beings can quickly identify objects and sort them into classes. Think of the different makes, models and colors of four-wheeled vehicles that you can almost immediately classify as cars. Consider the wide variety of cats and dogs that you can identify at a glance. In less than a second,

Turning Customer Feedback into Insight

381 ViewsAn important part of management is putting customers first. Doing so improves customer experience and increases profits. To put customers first, you’ll need to make decisions about what to offer and when to offer it. The key to determining this is to find out what they want. Once you know, you can turn customer feedback

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming The World?

492 ViewsHarness the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Productivity Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed today’s workplaces. A recent report in the Harvard Business Review found that AI has become “mainstream technology” in over 80% of businesses, and 55% of companies sped up this trend during the COVID-19 pandemic. Artificial intelligence benefits

What is Artificial Intelligence?

451 ViewsArtificial intelligence, or AI, is a collection of several different technologies that are designed to work together for the purpose of empowering a machine to do things that humans do like sense, understand and take action. There are many different definitions of AI because it is more than one thing. AI and the Human

7 Foods That Reduce Stress

466 ViewsStress is something that affects everyone. Even if you’re typically calm, stress will likely impact you at some point during your life. Along with the mental anguish that comes with stress, it can also cause you to experience physical pain. While it’s common to treat stress with yoga, meditation or bubble baths, there are also

7 Steps To Streamline Processes

461 ViewsHow to Streamline Your Business Processes in Six Steps It’s time to face the fact that business people tend to overcomplicate things when it comes to operating a business or handling a project. Whether it involves establishing work assignments, setting up quality inspections, overseeing a project, or reviewing a to-do list, managers and teams