Brain Hacks To Be More Decisive

More Decisive

Some people are natural decision makers while others struggle with the task. The good news is that there are ways to encourage yourself to choose a course of action. Brain hacks to be more decisive include: 

• Getting rid of multiple options 
• Keeping your decisions changeable 
• Clarifying your priorities 
• Knowing that you don’t have to be perfect 

Eliminate Different Options 

If you’re looking at a large number of options, it is much harder to make a decision. According to one brain study, people generally decide to buy fancy jams when they’re offered a limited number of choices instead of a large selection. 

Keep in mind that people love stories. Along with this, humans are comfortable working inside a narrative system that makes sense to them. This means that people search for a place in their story for the choices that they’ve made. 

When you need to make a decision, narrow your choices down as much as possible. Then, give the remaining options a score based on their level of importance. To make it easy, score your choices on a scale of one to 10. Make impermanent decisions based on your instincts using the best information that you have available. 

Keep Things Changeable 

One of the most challenging parts of decision making is measuring the possible results. Making the right decision in every situation is basically impossible, and it includes considering previous beliefs and collected evidence. 

Since you’ll be unable to predict the outcome of your decision accurately, keep an eye out for prospects that let you change your mind if needed. For instance, ask about a trial period that lets you try something out before purchasing it. Also, consider why, how and what you’re making decisions about. 

Clarify Your Priorities 

Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the decision that you’re tasked to make. Review what you are trying to do with the decision. For example, maybe you’re thinking about moving to a different city. Consider what part of the move is the most important element. Do you want to move for better job options or to be near your family? Will a move to a different city be more affordable or will you be closer to your best friends? 

Use this information to make the best decision. You know that you’re in charge of your decisions, but often, people who are poor decision makers tend to head down the path of least resistance. They do this without knowing it. 

Side-Step Perfection 

An inconvenient truth is that good decisions can result in poor outcomes and vice versa. Anytime the outcome of a decision is somewhat propelled by randomness, the connection between the right thing and a good result is disrupted. Try to make the best choice that you can using the information that you have. Afterward, release it. Brain hacks include accepting that good enough can be the right thing. Also, give yourself permission to break out of the status quo system. While you are the one who is responsible for your choices, the outcomes are often out of your hands. 

Become a Better Decision Maker 

Brain hacks can help you become the confident decision maker that you’ve always wanted to be. If you need support or guidance, then contact me at the Productivity Intelligence Institute.