Why Is Goal Setting Important

Goal Setting

It’s easy to feel as though you’re directionless. You work hard but aren’t getting where you want to go in life. A big reason why you might feel like this is that you haven’t taken the time to consider what you want from your life. It’s time to set formal goals. Why is goal setting important? It’s important because it’s one of the main growth strategies

What is a Goal?

A goal is an objective or a target that you want to reach using action. It seems like a basic concept, but there are a lot of goal variations. For instance, you can set a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly goal. You can make big and small goals. 

Why do people set goals? We make goals to give ourselves direction and find a purpose in life. Set goals to motivate yourself and ensure that you look forward to each day. 

Goals Prevent Distractions 

Some people suffer from shiny object syndrome, which is when you’re always hunting for the next big thing. When people have shiny object syndrome, they constantly change their goals according to what is most attractive and interesting in the moment. 

The problem with shiny object syndrome is that it never gives you enough time to reach any of these types of goals. You are unable to get anywhere because you are repeatedly switching which direction you’re going. This is a common consequence for people who live without setting goals. 

There is neuroscience behind setting goals. The human brain is constantly barraged with billions of information bits from the environment. It is the job of your brain to manage all of this information without overwhelming you. 

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How does the brain select where you turn your attention to and what to overlook? The human brain has a network referred to as the reticular activating system. This system filters out information as it comes into your brain. It automatically moves your attention to the things that are important. 

The reticular activating system is why you can block out the humming of your home’s furnace but react immediately when someone says your name. 

Goal Setting at Work 

Goal setting will help you reach your career goals. If you need to motivate your team, set clear goals. For instance, if you have a project due by the end of the year, then break down the tasks and assign them to different team members. Make sure that you’re available to help your team with the project. Give them feedback as you work through the many tasks. 

When work goals are clear and your team understands their importance, you’ll motivate your team and complete projects on time. Set goals that are challenging but reachable. 

Key Growth Strategies 

Goal setting is a key growth strategy, one that will help you get where you want to go and accomplish what you want to accomplish at your company. If you need help creating goals, contact me at the Productivity Intelligence Institute.